Tuesday, November 29, 2011

After roofers took off wrong roof, business kept its word

You might remember a while back when I did a story on a roofing company who (accidently) started replacing a roof on the wrong house.
In our report, the business owner promised he would take care of the homeowner who came home to find his shingles coming off his house. (The homeowner is an employee of 9NEWS who works in our production and engineering departments.)

You’ll be happy to know, as I was, that the company has kept its word.

Robert Owens raves about how well he was treated by the staff of Acclaimed Roofing Services.

“The crew was great! They were very careful to keep debris under control during the demolition and careful to protect the neighbors houses and landscaping from getting damage. They also kept me informed during demo/construction of every step of the process,” he told me.

If you'd like to read the full web story I wrote in early October, click here: