Monday, November 14, 2011

When taking a chance works

Hello from 70 MPH as we race back to the television station after a long day. We don't have a breaking story, we're just ready to be home.

I left this morning hoping to interview a prisoner in Trinidad. He'd said yes, but we didn't have permission from the prison. We decided to head south in hopes that we would get a yes or no answer within an hour.

No word when we reached Colorado Springs. No word when we reached Pueblo.

I hoped we weren't driving all the way there only to get no interview. We reached Walsenburg and then Trinidad. ...still nothing.

I hate wasting time and it appeared that's just what we had done. I'd tweeted and Facebooked about the dilemma all morning. Social media users told me to stay positive, but I thought they were wrong. After all, how do you get inside a prison with a camera on the spur of the moment?

My photographer and I decided to stop by the prison just to get some outside video. I went to the front gate to notify security. They wanted me to talk to the warden.

David Zupan seemed relaxed as I explained we were just getting video. He didn't stress out as so many people do when the media shows up.

In our conversation, he said he had no idea I was hoping to interview an inmate and it was just fine with him.

Was it really that easy? Turned out to be.

What a relief! I wouldn't have to return to the station without anything, after all. And to everyone who told me to stay positive or that just showing up is best -- you were right.

The story airs Nov. 22. I'll be able to share more about the interview soon.

We did snap a couple neat pics along the way.