Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enjoying Twitter analytics

Lately I've become a frequent visitor to Twitter's analytics.

It lets you download their data so you can manipulate and sort it in Excel. It helped me find my "best" Tweet and ones that didn't perform well.

The Bad

I didn't do so well with that one.

The Good

On the other hand, this one performed well:

Overall lesson

Almost without exception, Tweets with photos perform much better.
Something else I learned, few people click on my #HashTags.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The government & @USGSA owe us an explanation.

This week I aired an investigation into a border crossing project being built by the federal government. Not only does the bridge currently not go anywhere, but subcontractors on the project say they aren't getting paid all the money due to them.

Watch the story and decide for yourself whether they have a right to be frustrated and whether the project is a good idea.

I am very disappointed that the federal government refused to sit down and answer questions about the project. Sure, they gave a statement. They did that before I even asked them all my questions.

When people have concerns about taxpayer spending or a government project, the government owes it to all of us to sit down and, in a respectable exchange of questions and answers, address people's issues.

Did this rise to the level of flying to Washington, D.C. and ambushing the head of the GSA (government agency building the bridge) for an interview? I decided no. (I prefer to handle matters other ways.)

I am open to other journalist's and viewer's thoughts. 

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