Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sometimes I wonder what you will think of an investigation if I am exposing a few thousand dollars in taxpayer waste and not millions -- reaction to last night's investigation proves you care no matter the amount.

Would love your thoughts:

Feds defend conference trip to Vegas

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just did an "unscheduled interview"

I don't enjoy going to someone's house to get answers... But when members of a governmental agency change their story multiple times... And then refuse to be accountable on camera for spending taxpayer money... I have no choice. Just had to take this important journalistic step.
I'll tell you more about the story in a few days.
Hopefully no one thinks we take approaching a public worker at his or home lightly. I don't like doing it, but viewers deserve answers.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flying American flag upside down due to our country in 'distress'? #Shutdown

Highlands Ranch resident Connie Golas flies her American flag upside down and thinks others should do it too.

"That is an internationally recognized sign of extreme distress and that is the condition of our government right now," she wrote in an email to us at work.

"If the debt limit is not raised before Oct 15th, I think those flags need to be flown at half mast as well, in bereavement for the loss of the integrity of our nation," Golas wrote.

Is this a good idea? A sign of disrespect? I'm curious what other people think. I'll bet this becomes a talker.

"We have always said we are a beacon of democracy for the world. What country would want to follow our current example of a totally dysfunctional government," said Golas.