Thursday, February 11, 2010

Growing pot "Right Next Door"

Friday night after the Olympic Opening Ceremonies
Before this story, I thought what many people think: there aren’t large pot growing operations in my neighborhood.

I’ve learned differently and here’s how.

With a little persuading over a meal at Village Inn, I convinced experienced medical marijuana grower Chris B. to do something he’s never done before, show the public his very large medical marijuana grow operation.

His house sits smack in the middle of a wealthy Highlands Ranch neighborhood. He uses about a thousand feet of his 5,500 square foot house to grow legal medical marijuana.

I knew I was in a grow house the second I walked in the front door. The smell makes it unmistakable. The odor stayed in my clothes long after I left.

Chris is in the big leagues in terms of the scale of his medical marijuana growing operation. When you see my story on 9NEWS after the Olympic Opening Ceremonies you’ll understand what I mean.

He clearly doesn’t mess around and is proud of his operation.

“Even for experienced growers, it's kind of overwhelming,” Chris told me. “Their jaws drop just like yours,”

Plants cover the entire floor of three, sometimes four rooms.
Chris showed me his medical marijuana license which allows him to grow for himself. He also showed me a book with copies of the licenses for people who registered him as their care giver. State law allows him to grow for those people too.

His neighbors have no idea was goes on right next door. Friday night we’ll show you the numerous other neighborhoods around the metro area where your neighbors could be growing.

Friday night after the Olympic Opening Ceremonies
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