Friday, August 26, 2011

Are clerks honest with your lotto tickets?

We wondered whether the clerk in our Lottery story was going to be honest when we asked her to check our scratch lottery ticket.

As we watched, an undercover lottery employee presented her with a mock ticket printed by the Colorado

Lottery. The ticket is printed to look and act like a real ticket when scanned by a lottery machine.

One of the clerks we feature in our story (that airs Saturday on 9NEWS after the Broncos game) was friendly and greeted us with a smile.

She also took our “winning” lottery ticket and tried to claim it the next day as her own. It would have been worth hundreds of dollars had it been real.

She ended up charged with a crime.

Here’s the video. Does she look suspicious?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Six months after I started helping homeowners having trouble paying their home loans, the calls and emails still pour in.

Just a reminder that we put together tons of information to help those in need.

Check out this link:

Here's what I tell many people who e-mail me:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Businesses step up after our story

After we shared how two new homeowners in Stapleton were left holding a furniture bill for $8,000+ and had yet to receive any furniture, it’s nice to see other local companies offering to step up and help. (See our story by clicking here:

BellaLu Home & Design suffered financial problems. Many customers paid up front for furniture that didn’t arrive. Store owner Jodi Zippo, to her credit, asked to sit down and face our cameras. She explained the economy was mostly to blame.

Since my story aired, the owners of Elements For Design on West Evans Avenue in Denver offered to help Jessica and Mike Goodman by giving them wholesale pricing on new furniture.

“We would love the opportunity to help make this unfortunate situation right,” Kevin Dunn & Kevin Wood told me in an email.

Breanne Mashek who owns InHabit Interior Design also offered her design services for 10% off.

What’s also nice is that neither business owner asked to have their name put on TV.