Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Six months after I started helping homeowners having trouble paying their home loans, the calls and emails still pour in.

Just a reminder that we put together tons of information to help those in need.

Check out this link:

Here's what I tell many people who e-mail me:

If you haven’t done so, you should contact the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline. The website is: The telephone number is 877-601-HOPE.

This group offers free help and can put you in touch with a housing counselor. If you have already contacted them, you might try once more.

If your loan is with Chase Bank (or a company it owns) then you should also take advantage of the walk-in clinic. You can get information and contact information here:

For Bank of America customers, you should take advantage of the banks walk-in clinic. You can get information and contact information here:

Wells Fargo has generic information here:

I hope this helps.

One thing we’ve learned is that not everyone can qualify for a home loan modification. If you have little or no income, or if your income is drastically cut from what you made when qualifying for the loan, you may not get a modification.

I also suggest you find out the exact reason why your are being denied for a modification.

When filling out paperwork, note that each time you send in paperwork it must be updated and fresh. If your lender tells you they didn’t get your paperwork from three months ago, don’t send the same paperwork again. You must update it and sign everything.

I also put together tips, tricks and a home loan lifeline packet. I suggest you follow this link where you can work on a family budget and download our helpful information. The packet is at: