Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Online schools. We made a difference and we’re proud of it.

The state Legislative Audit Committee didn’t vote to do an audit of online schools, but I’m still proud that our 9Wants to Know investigation got people talking.

We teamed with I-NEWS, a group of independent investigative journalists in Colorado. We showed some concerning stats about learning at online schools verses traditional schools.

We showed your elected officials what we found and they hoped an audit would dig deeper. That won't be happening after votes today that were as partisan as they get.

Journalists don’t take sides, but we do search for information.

It seems to me that doing the audit of online schools would have provided more information. If the audit turned up nothing, then no action would have needed to be taken to fix anything.

Taxpayer dollars are precious, though.

If the audit turned up problems, wouldn’t you want to know about them? Wouldn’t you want to have an opportunity to debate solutions?

You deserve it. It’s your money.

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