Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We make it look like we got it right on the first taping, but rarely we do.

You’ll see an interesting clip of me on camera in tonight’s story. We call a taped clip of a reporter standing and taking a “standup.”

I’m in the basement of 9NEWS talking about the team of police officers who bust car thieves. What better place to do that than in our parking garage on the lower level?

I wanted the standup to look different so we moved a big HD monitor downstairs. We attached a computer to it so we could play clips of police busting bad guys as I talk.

It helped give the standup a stronger feel. Here’s a behind the scene picture.

What you won’t see on TV are the lights, cords and camera we used to make this look as good as possible.

You also won’t see that we shoot about 20 versions of this standup so we can choose the very best one.

Sometimes I stumbled over my words. Other times our photographer backed into a light jarring the shot.