Sunday, December 4, 2011

I knew doing today’s #SheriffArrested interview would be tough, but the weather made it almost impossible

And it’s not because roads were bad, they weren’t.

We make the 40-minute commute from 9NEWS to Highlands Ranch. When we tried to unlock the back of the SUV to get out our camera, tripod, TV lights, etc., the door wouldn’t open.

Our SUV has electric locks. Usually you push a button and the hatch opens. There is no lever or door handle to pull.

Nothing worked. We could reach our camera, but the tripod and lights were under a cabinet.

I was working with a great guy, Brett Alles. He created a makeshift tripod inside a family’s house using the kitchen counter and a bag. The family’s cutting board gave us just the perfect height.

If you watch tonight’s story at 10… I hope you can’t tell.