Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why I cover tough stories

It has been a tough few weeks when it comes to news stories I’ve covered.

It started with the Sheriff Sullivan story. No matter how I look at it, I feel badly for all involved. Think of the Sullivan’s family. They must be embarrassed.

The young men who are meth addicts and interacted with Sullivan can’t have easy lives. I’ve been able to get know several of the men. They are much like the rest of us. They worry about the same things as all of us. They wanted a place to spend Christmas. They worried about buying gifts for the people they love. They want to make New Year’s resolutions.

While that story unfolded, I covered a baby who fell tothe floor seconds after being born at University Hospital. The baby died and the parents were heartbroken. Later a coroner determined the baby died from a genetic disorder. Though the fall caused bleeding in the brain and a bruise on the baby’s head, it didn’t cause death.

Then, a three year old shot a five year old in Lakewood. A similar situation happened Monday when a five year old killed herself after finding her parents’ loaded gun on their dresser.

Why do I cover these stories? Every single one has a lesson. I hope parents give their kids an extra hug and ask questions if their son or daughter is struggling. I hope parents think twice about the gun in their home. No matter what I’m on television for, I hope we all learn something.