Monday, December 5, 2011

The mother who worries #SheriffArrested Sullivan lied about helping her son with addiction, wrote a letter to viewers

When I interviewed the Wiley family about meeting Pat Sullivan, I extended an opportunity for them to write directly to our viewers. I offered to post it on my blog. Here is what Katherine Wiley wrote:

If there are families out there who for a moment may think that Mr. Sullivan might have had an untoward relationship with their child, I implore them to please, please sit down and talk to their children about this in a loving and supportive way.
Our children need to know how much we love them and truly want to help them – especially if they are privately struggling with the unfathomable guilt that could result from encounters with a predator as Mr. Sullivan may be.  This man was allegedly using his position of power to manipulate and profoundly injure vulnerable young men.  It is vitally important that families come forward if they have information that will help the authorities build their case.

My husband and I are willing to talk to other parents if it will be of value to them.  We want to do what we can to help other families find their way through this awful nightmare without having to feel that they are all alone.  -- Katherine Wiley

You can watch my story with the Wiley's here: