Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Secret shopper scam alert

I'm grateful this viewer was smart and decided to reach out. 

Secret shopper "scams" are all basically the same. Scam artists send you a check/money order and want you to immediately cash it and wire part of that money to someone else.

Here's the thing: the checks are usually fake. You won't know that for a few days until your bank calls to tell you. The bank will then deduct the value of the check from your account. By that time you've already wired money to some unknown person and you can't get it back. You are out the money.

Here's the viewer's email. Tell your friends.

-- Jace
  • My husband recently applied for job, at this point he was looking for any job, he applied for a secret shopper gig.
    He received an email stating that he would be receiving a fedex with instructions. So today he received the fedex. It contained a letter and a money order. I will get back to the money order.
    The letter congratulations with reference to your application for a costumer service rep..yad yada ( I will attach a photo of the letter) ok now the money states the money order contained in this envelope are your survey funds for your first mystry shopper assignment. Your assignment is western union. They provided him with a money order for $870. It states to go cash the money order at YOUR bank. Your commission is $120 for this assignment. They ask you to next wire $730 to the below named individual. The remain $20 should cover the wire fee charged by western union for transfer charges. They say to send to (exact address removed by me), manila, Philippines, 1015.
    So this all sounds really weird and was not sure what to do with it because we don't want to be liable for this money order. And I know how weird it sound but know if I call this number they are going to tell me what they are told to say. I goggled the name and found nothing.
    I have seen or heard of this before?

    Here is more information from the Federal Trade Commission.