Monday, February 4, 2013

Scam alert. "We'll be at your house tomorrow to deliver your check."

You've won. We'll be at your house soon to deliver a big check. ...Not so fast.
Here's an email from a viewer who was smart enough not to get taken.

Just wanted to give people a heads up to a group called mega million who called me yesterday to say I had won 650,000 dollars and would be at my home today to provide the check, congrats letter and an attorny's validity.
then today they called to say the check was comfiscated by customs in florida and needed 6,000dollars to help claim it and couldn't I just fly out to Miami Int'l airport.. even a $100.00 would be helpful to claim this award.  I told them I didn't have that kind of money available.. They said they will send it to the Negro college fund foundation since I can't pay for getting through customs.. thought other older folks should be informed.

A quick Google search boils down the scam. Try it yourself and you'll see there are plenty of people who could have become victims. Luckily many of them were smart enough to not send money. Beware