Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What inspires me. #FailedToDeath

The response we've received from our "Failed to Death" series shows Coloradans do care about child abuse and neglect. I never thought they didn't, but with so many competing interests these days I wasn't sure how many people would react.

In great numbers they have emailed, called, Facebooked and tweeted me to say they want to see the system improve.

I got this email from a Littleton couple:
"Your week-long reporting, along with the corresponding articles in the Post, have not only informed us but also has raised our awareness to the point of action.  This morning we sent an email to our re-elected State Senator, Linda Newell.  We explained to her that we fully support the idea of a statewide hotline and would support her efforts fully."
Last night State Senator Linda Newell wrote to tell about the urgency she's feeling from the dozens of people emailing and calling her. She is inspired. I am too. I take pride in knowing that our series, which we produced with The Denver Post (see their series here), has the attention of legislators who have great power and can do something about reducing child abuse and neglect.

Here are State Senator Newell's thoughts which I included in follow-up news report.

I want to know what you think after watching our stories. Send me a note on Facebook or tweet me. Thanks for watching and caring.

Here's first story in our series. It's heartbreaking.