Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Report: Computers not working right in Adams Co., Co. checking

I just heard from a 9NEWS viewer via Facebook who said he tried to vote but the computer system in Adams County wouldn't pull up his voting information. Here's part of his Facebook message:

"As [the election judge] typed in my information apparently the computer system was not able to find my information in the data base. I have lived at my address since 1999 and have not changed any thing. He tried to find my information several different ways and still could pull up the correct information. At that time he offered me the option of a provisional ballot.....

"A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there is some question in regards to a given voter's eligibility."

My response was "No i will not fill out a provisional ballot, I am in the system you should probably get a supervisor over here to get this straightened out."

One of the other volunteer's mentioned "Why is this happening so often?" That is what concerned me the most. Another volunteer suggested I move to a different terminal "That seems to help" she said.

Well it did help and my information popped up right away."

I talked to Adams County Clerk Karen Long just now. She tells me she's not aware of such problems but she was going to call the Thornton City Hall, where this supposedly happened, and get back to me.

I'll keep you posted. Anyone else have this problem?