Monday, September 16, 2013

Thank you, Loveland. I can't wait to 'pay it forward.'

Thank you. I can't wait to 'pay it forward.' Three great experiences today:

1) I was nearly yelling into the phone about flood coverage as I sat in the Safeway parking lot. The lady in the car facing mine obviously saw me and smiled through our windshields. After I returned from the store... she stuck her head out of her window and, in the kindest voice, told me how much she appreciates all 9NEWS is doing.

2) As set my stuff at a table outside Starbucks to feed a story back via WiFi, a man who had trouble walking came up from across the parking lot to say 'thank you' for our coverage.

3) About 20 minutes later, a Starbucks manager came outside and asked if I had eaten enough today. If not, she said, she wanted to offer me a bite to eat.

With so much devastation, it's inspiring to see communities be kind & giving. I like the people of Loveland, Colo.

(The pictures to the left are from God's Country Cowboy Church. "Where there isn't water, there is mud.")