Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our jobs are not glamorous: sweating it in the heat

Tuesday night I am airing my investigation on questionable dentists operating out of non-traditional offices: one in a private Denver home and the other in the back room of am Aurora business.

After a tip saying an unlicensed dentist was treating people in west Denver, we sent two 9NEWS employees undercover to see what treatment she offered.

We staged an undercover car across the street from the home and waited inside until she got home. It took hours in the heat.

Read my 9NEWS investigation:

We didn’t want to draw attention to our car or the fact there were several people inside, so we turned off the air conditioning.

After minutes in the hot, sunny weather we were covered in sweat. I think it’s dripping off my nose in this picture as I was making a phone call.

Yea, it was gross. We don’t think anyone saw us though… unlike what happened when we later went inside a piƱata store on East Colfax.  I put the moment we were “found” in my story. It airs Tuesday night at 9 and 10 p.m. on 9NEWS.