Sunday, August 12, 2012

A failed attempt for my 1st camera-sky shoot.

It was a last minute decision to hit the mountains last night. The clouds had opened up in Denver and I guessed they had done the same up high. I wanted to see the meteor shower.

At 10:30, I loaded up with Rocky. My family has a cabin in Evergreen.

By 11:30, I was laying on the deck, seeing just a few. I kept waiting for them to become intense, no dice.

Since I am a gadget guy, I brought my DSLR camera for my first sky shoot. That didn't work either. I must do more research on how to get the shutter to stay open for long periods.
Don't get me wrong, I still had fun.

Anyone else get lucky shooting meteors? I'd love to see your pics.

Whether things worked out or not, it was an excellent excuse to spend a night out of the city.

Send pics my way. And thanks to all my Twitter buds who offered me advice last night.