Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bridges to Nowhere

Bridges to Nowhere
Comments after our story last night (about the so-called Bridges to Nowhere) varied. I was a bit surprised by how many people said the landowner, who didn’t want to sell his ranchland for a four-lane highway, was only after money.

Many of you thought the interchange and bridges were a waste.

Plenty of people told us in our live chat that they were happy CDOT was thinking ahead and building the road before it traffic counts demanded it. An equal number were unhappy with CDOT.

Here are a couple comments…

“That was a very solid, thoughtful, fair and middle of the road (if you will excuse the pun) piece that you reported on air last night,” Thomas McNeill, the attorney for the land owner e-mailed me.

Kurt Klein wrote to me saying he didn’t care if he missed the story. He ended up watching it and seemed to agree with CDOT’s road plan.

“With the economy at an ebb, maybe now is the time for some jurisdictions to consider investing in future infrastructure.” Klein said.

Klein also seemed to indicate he doesn’t care for my reporting very much.

You are welcome to read other comments on our story page.