Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A bed bug waiver? I have to sign WHAT at my hotel?

I had to travel to the eastern plains of Colorado this week.

Before I could check into the Best Western in Sterling, Colo., the nice desk lady asked me to read and sign a white sheet of paper with a notice printed on it.

There’s been a bed bug infestation in an area hotel, it said. Of course it didn’t tell me which hotel.

“They look like specks of pepper,” she said. She promised me they weren’t found at my hotel, but wouldn’t tell me anymore.

By signing the form, I was agreeing that [1] I wasn’t checking in from another hotel in the area (and thus not tracking them in) and [2] they would be checking for bed bugs in my hotel room every day.

…Not sure if that’s comforting or concerning. Yes, I signed it.