Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tales from the tipline

“I will have to talk to my son”

You might want to read today’s “Tales from the Tipline” to any teenager who drives!

Wednesday we received a tipline call from a mom complaining about how her son received a ticket from a Sheridan Police officer for driving a car with a broken tail light.

The car was hers.

The tail light was broken during the big Monday night storm from a couple of weeks ago. So you can imagine this mom’s outrage when her son came home with a ticket!

So 9Wants to Know made a call to the officer who issued the ticket.

It turns out the boy was actually speeding. The officer tells 9News he issued the teen a ticket for the broken tail light to preserve the points on the boy’s license.

All mom had to say when we called to let her know what happened, “I will have to talk to my son”.

I’ll bet they had quite a talk.

By Nicole Vap, 9Wants to Know Executive Producer
Thanks to 9News Intern Matt Sewick for contributing to this blog.
Anyone can call the tipline with tips at 303-871-1799.