Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meeting Nurse Jillian Fischer

It’s an unseasonable cool day in Denver yet when the rain broke this morning, I had the opportunity to meet the woman fired from two hospitals for allegedly stealing drugs.

When she first walked out of court and saw our cameras, she quickly turned around and walked right back in. Who wouldn’t?

After speaking with her attorney quietly in the back of courtroom 12T in Denver, she walked out, in front of our cameras, holding her attorney’s arm.

She stared straight ahead. She was dressed in a suit.

Even though former St. Anthony Central & Swedish nurse Jillian Fischer didn’t have to appear before a judge, she was there to sign paperwork for drug court.

If she gets treatment successfully, drug court could help her avoid jail or prison time.

Fischer walked out of the building before I asked if she’d like to talk.

Approaching someone after court should be done carefully and compassionately.

I always think, how would I like to be treated? I rarely feel comfortable sticking a mic in someone’s face without first asking if it’s okay. Everyone, no matter who you are, deserves respect.

Fischer shook my hand but let her attorney, Leonard Chesler, do the talking.

“She’s remorseful,” he told me. “She’s getting appropriate treatment.”

What I found interesting is the look on Fischer’s face. When you see the video tonight on the news, I’d be interested to hear what you think.