Monday, April 21, 2014

"Sunshine Kitty"... going after an online business

First of all... anytime I get a story about someone named "Sunshine Kitty," I'm going to jump on the tip.

It turned out to be a Houston-based online company whose customers weren't getting their products.

I certainly don't investigate every company I get tips about, but we decided to dig into this one after learning more than 50 people in a month had complained to Houston's Better Business Bureau.

With only her website name and a post office box, we went to work to try and track her down. If you've never used the site, check it out. It will show you the registered agent of most websites including addresses, emails and phone numbers. This is how we got her phone number. From there we tracked back her recent address.

We are pretty sure we have her Facebook page too.

Starting up a business is hard, but ceasing to communicate with your customers is inexcusable.