Monday, May 13, 2013

Remembering crime victims

It is very important that we remember the two victims who police say were killed by a prison parolee.

Tom Clements was loved by many people and we’ve worked to cover his life and keep his memory alive. Nate Leon worked part time delivering pizzas so he, his wife and three kids had some extra money.

Some viewers have asked me why we’re still talking about Evan Ebel, the man police think murdered both men. It is a legitimate question.

Ebel died after getting in a shootout Texas police.

I have worked to uncover new details in the case because it’s important that we understand, the best we can, what drove Ebel to allegedly kill.

Without asking questions and digging for new information, I wouldn’t have learned Ebel was accidently released from prison four years too early. A court error is responsible for his release.

The state is now taking a look at prisoner sentences to make sure other mistakes haven’t been made.

If there are other issues the public needs to know about, I hope to find them and let you know.

That’s why I keep reporting on Evan Ebel.

I don’t want us to forget the victims.

Here are just a few of the stories 9NEWS has done on Clements and Leon. We have wanted to help viewers better know these two respected men.