Thursday, July 19, 2012

When you write to me… (and please do)...

First, know that I love hearing from viewers. As odd as it sounds, I even like hearing from people when they are critical of my work. I think it’s because I produce a story, present it to thousands of people and don’t get to see their reaction. Email, social media and letters are how I “see” what’s on their face.

Lots of viewers send us email tips. I couldn’t survive without them. More than 50 percent of my stories come from people who saw someone abusing power, taxpayer money , etc. and wrote to me.

To those people, I say thank you.

I’m noticing some emails are getting long… pages and pages long. I want desperately to read the whole thing, but sometimes the time I have is limited.

Just like we do as reporters, tell me the most important stuff up top.

Here’s something else that might help:

Do you have pictures of what you are describing?
Do you have video?
Could you legally get video or pictures?
What evidence do you have to back up what you are claiming. (My bosses love to ask me, “How do we know X, Y, Z? Can you prove it?” When I have an immediate come back answer with facts, things go smoothly.)

Again, please keep writing to me. Your tip could be my next big investigation.