Monday, December 20, 2010

Come on Broncos, I was just getting excited. Another player arrested & our viewers aren't happy.

Who wasn't at least a little excited watching Tebow play yesterday? It almost made me excited to be a Broncos fan. I almost looked passed the fact they lost.

Now, another Broncos player gets arrested. Kevin Alexander has been dumped from the team.

9NEWS reports Alexander’s girlfriend called 911 Monday morning.

Alexander was cut Monday afternoon. I know, I know… no one has heard of him.

Still, our viewers and readers aren’t happy on

Terraspeed wrote: What's up with all of the arrests lately with the Bronco's team? Hey Guys...... It's not like you haven't pi$$ed us off enough by not winning and then you have to go and do this crap? Get your acts together and start making us proud again!

Integraguy1995 wrote:NFL: National Felons League

mattcale3 wrote: Hey, the Broncos are the new Cowboys!